Feel Good Festivals


Loads of fun, totally professional.

A well-loved event.

I enjoyed the event and will return again

Everything was perfect.

I had an awesome time. I wouldn't change a thing, great job.

I wish I could have more time to enjoy !!

Loved the glasses. Some breweries didn't seem to have "hoppy" beers, but the variety was nice.

It was my first time attending and I had a great time. There were an impressive number of quality breweries, thanks for making it happen!

The only thing I would change is to start the event later in the afternoon.

We had a great time!

Had a ton of fun, thanks for having us!

I really look forward to attending next year.

It was great once again! Seems like people are really getting the word, there were a lot more this time.

Had a great time! We're looking forward to next year!

It was amazing keep up the good work

Everything was well organized. Looking forward to next year. Good job!

Number and types of breweries was outstanding.

see ya next year!

I love it!!

Can't wait for Hopfest 2011!

This was a great event, bringing a unique set of tasting options to Albuquerque. Thanks!

It was a great time. I look forward to next year

Nice job!!! I had a great time and was impressed at the size of this event in only it's 3rd year! I'm sure it will just get better and better! :)

Thank you so much for making Hopfest happen, I had a blast!

Thanks for putting on the Hopfest in Albuquerque.

Can't wait til next year, I can't imagine it to be better than this year, this year was the bomb.

Good job! Got there late, so didn't get to enjoy as much as we would have liked, but it was great!

Great Job Guys! See you next year.

It was a fun!

Yay! Good job all around.

Sandia was a great venue!!  The breweries were wonderful, and having VIP tickets available was FANTASTIC!!

I loved the last band that played. They were great. I also liked that it was indoors out of the sun and wind, but you were able to go outside and enjoy the weather if you wanted.  Thank you for a great event!

Too much fun! Loved it!

Very enjoyable event.

Great job!

Sandia Casino is a great venue.

Turned out perfect with time and place.

Great Job! This was run well and everyone seemed to be having a great time. All in all YUM!

The event was great.  I especially enjoyed the Widmer, Odell booth. Those people were the nicest. Also, La Cumbre and Marble brewery’s were great.

What a great event, I’m going next year!

Lot of fun, thank you!

Great event, will do it again.

Loved the variety of brewers. Great opportunity to sample lots of styles. No fizzy yellow water.

Music, plus the breweries, and location. It was a great deal 2 offer. Great time 4 the $

The venue was good as was the music. Definitely will go to more events.

I can't wait for the next Blues and Brews!

I had a great time and was very happy it was at Sandia Hotel/Casino where i rented a room and played Blackjack.

Just to have it again would be awesome!

The event was very well organized and laid out.

Bands and beer selection was great. We had a wonderful time. Hope you do it again next year.

I and my daughter and her friends enjoyed the venue and hope to have this every year. Thanks for the great time!                            

I have been to the GABF and I thought this was better! The size was just right.

I really enjoyed this year’s beer fest it was really a great time with good music .. and beer of course


The event was GREAT!

Turned out perfect with time and place.

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